Specialists in the Control of Odors and Corrosion in Sewer Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants.


Bowker & Associates, Inc. is an environmental engineering firm specializing in the control of odors from waste handling systems. Our knowledge of the design and operation of waste treatment processes and odor control systems offers significant advantages to our clients. We have successfully completed over 150 odor control projects throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Our clients include many major engineering firms such as CH2M-Hill, Camp Dresser & McKee, Metcalf & Eddy, Earth Tech, Blasland Bouck & Lee, Stearns & Wheler, and Stantec. Please see our:

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Bowker & Associates, Inc. has evaluated and designed many innovative approaches to odor control. These include construction of novel enclosures to contain odors from sludge dewatering systems, use of an existing sludge incinerator to oxidize odorous gases, implementation of economical biological systems to treat odors, and diffusion of odorous gases into activated sludge basins. In addition, the company has designed pure oxygen injection systems to prevent odorous compound generation in force mains. Bowker & Associates' commitment to providing high quality, responsive engineering services has given the company an excellent national reputation.